Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Large Bookings Policy


The cancellation policy applies to all diners looking to book at our Restaurant for any of our service tmes.

Cancellation Process

When booking on OpenTable, over the phone or via email, diners will be asked to submit their card details in the event of a no show. All diners are able to amend or cancel their bookings up to 1 day before their reservation. 

If a guest decides to cancel after within 24 hours of a booking, the Restaurant will charge:

 - £25 for all dinner reservations after 6pm.

- £10 for all Sunday Lunch Reservations

At the Restaurant's sole discretion, gift vouchers may be offered instead of a cancellation charge if the diner rebooks within a reasonable time frame.


Large Bookings

For bookings above 6 people, the Restaurant charges a non-refundable deposit of £25 per person.